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One stop business facilities ensure that all different life-styles are incorporated conveniently.

In 2009, Hong Kong Plaza invested a fortune to upgrade both building towers, as well as the bridge that connects them together, adding a detailed outer finish, symbolic of the progress of time and modernity.Hong Kong Plaza’s soul is radiantly reflected in the outer glass facade, made possible through the meticulous planning of our renowned Hong Kong Architect. While the outer glass façade offers a dynamic view of the bustling Huaihai Road, offering you a feeling of leisure and grandeur so superb it appears tangible.

CommunicationWith a high standard business scheme, Hong Kong Plaza provides advanced facilities of communication, such as internet and broadband systems and more. All communication networks are also serviced and kept up by highly professional staff.
BuildingThe Carrier central air conditioning system ensures noiseless quality fresh air in every room. There are 9 Mitsubishi elevators, 8 of which are passenger elevators with 1 being a cargo lift, all with the most advanced technology to ensure efficiency and comfort.A state-of-the-art computer monitoring system monitors air conditioning, lighting, lifts, water systems, fire alarm systems and more. With a central management separate control mode, the system ensures security, energy conservation, economy and comfort.

Hong Kong Plaza office building specifications

Construction area: about 38,000 square meters, 6 F-38 F
Unit area: about 70 – 1250 square meters, with flexible unit combinations
Elevators: Mitsubishi Elevators